Adrenaline Junkies: 5 Travelers Who’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

Some people travel to escape the daily grind, some to learn a language, some to experience new tastes and flavors.

Then you have those who travel for the adventure – for the adrenaline-pumping activities, for the dangerously thrilling experiences.

Here are 5 adrenaline junkies who will make your jaw drop:

1. Chi Ken

Chi Ken

After traveling to over 43 countries around the world, Chi Ken can say that he’s living life to its fullest. In his words, he travels “full tilt with no regrets.” 

Death Road, Bolivia

Death Road, Bolivia

From sand boarding in Peruvian deserts to riding along the World’s Deadliest Road to tobogganing on a small mat at adrenaline-kicking speeds down massive ice spouts near a live volcano, he’s an inspiration to those who want a little more action in their travels.

2. My Walkabout

My Walkabout

My Walkabout calls himself a nomad, a storyteller, a soul searcher, and a dreamer of better things. His hunger for experience has also resulted in quite an impressive travel resume. One of his more daring episodes was a ride on a micro flight over the world-famous Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls micro flight

“Yeah, I had no idea what a micro flight was, I only heard an occasionally buzzing sound overhead outside my hotel room. So with some inquiring, I found out it’s like a go cart with wings that takes your over Victoria Falls, through the mist, and glides above the Zambezi where I was lucky enough to enjoy a safari from the air!”

3. Daniel BussiusDaniel Bussius

A professional traveler, Daniel loves everything that brings him to the closest edges of reality in this life. He’s an avid climber and intrepid cyclist who thrives on 30-mile bike routes.

Climbing at Sedona

Nevertheless, even adrenaline junkies need some down time. When he’s not hanging from a rope or burning calories pedaling, Daniel enjoys feeding giraffes and rhinos or just hanging out on the beach.

4. Sarah Kelson

Sarah Kelson

Don’t let the seemingly standard cat profile picture fool you, Sarah Kelson is a rockstar–an adrenaline-seeking rockstar. She’s snorkeled with stingrays and hugged a shark in Belize, been a dog musher in Alaska, and stayed in a tent out in the South African wild. Did we mention that she’s currently a glacier guide?

Alaska Glacier

“Bring a underwater camera with you. You can get some cool shots as long as your hand doesn’t freeze off.”

5. Melissa Kostelecky

Melissa Kostelecky

“I have a nasty case of wanderlust and treating it only seems to make it worse.”

Melissa is currently traveling the world: 7 continents in 12 months. Whether it’s Antarctica, Tanzania, Peru or Iceland, she manages to find escapades that you may or may not want to try. She’s had lions walk up to her truck in Africa, spent two nights in a Jordanian desert, and taken a dip in Antarctic waters.Lion

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