6 Ways to Beat the Crowds at DisneyLand

Going to Disney? Understanding and planning your way through the park can be overwhelming.

Here is an essential guide to help you get the most out of your visit to the Magic Kingdom:

1. Stalk… um, Photograph Your Favorite Disney character

Photo by:  zHermannx

You’ve gotta get the snapshot of your favorite character. It’s essential. Here’s how to make it happen.

1) Arrive early and head to the Visitor’s Center. Get the schedule for your character.

2) Visit them before noon. Afternoon and evening wait times are always long.

3) Be nice and say “Thank you!”

2. Skip The Lines

Photo by: Majic Franco

Yes, you CAN skip the lines – or at least minimize them. Your strategy is: do the park back-to-front.

1) As soon as the gates open, run all the way to the back and ride that ride. The line will be non-existent.

2) After your ride completes, head to the next-closest ride next, and the line will still be small.

3) Continue riding all day, working your way through the park from back to front.

With this strategy, you’re working against the crowd. You’ll have shorter lines and better seats all day.

3. Don’t Miss the Street Fun

Photo by: Megan Prine

As soon as you enter the park, you will be overwhelmed by the number of street shops and attractions. The key here is to spend more time on road attractions and less time on the street shops. If you still think you will be missing out on your favorite one, don’t worry, every ride exit is a gift shop.

4. Eat Everything

Photo by:  Melissa Nichole

There are tons of delicious places to eat. But if you’re skipping the crowds, eat strategically.

1) Eat before 11 am, and after 1:30 pm. Avoid the midday lunchtime lines like the plague.

2) If you’ve gotta eat at lunchtime, skip the restaurants. Instead, check out the food carts. These smaller (and delicious) meals will keep you going all day.

5. Watch the Parade

Photo by:  Joel M.

Especially if this is your first visit, you’ve gotta watch the parade. But be strategic here.

Check the schedule and choose a ride close to the parade route. Land a good view but don’t miss out on the rides.

6. Enjoy the Fireworks… and then Escape

Photo by:  Annie Wu

You don’t need a guide to watching fireworks in Disneyland. It looks gorgeous everywhere.

But if you don’t want to shuffle through the crowd for an hour afterward, watch the light show close to the gate.

Are you feeling excited for Disneyland? Use these tips and have a fantastic time in the Magic Kingdom.