6 South America Experts You Need to Follow on Trover

South America: a continent known for its exotic animals, its welcoming people, and the plethora of diverse cultures it plays host to.


A llama overlooks the Inca Trail in Peru. Photo by Alexandra Baackes

Have you lived in South America? Have you studied abroad there? Do you want to attend Carnaval there one day? Is seeing a Peruvian llama on your bucket list?

Whether you’re a local expert or are dreaming of a getaway there someday, here are 6 Trovers who’ll show you the best of this continent.

These 6 world travelers are sharing their discoveries from this colorful region of the world and will help to inspire and motivate you to plan for that South American experience.

Together, they’ll show you The Best of South America.

1. Alexandra Baackes


Alexandra is a New York native who is curing her case of wanderlust by traveling the world. She has been posting discoveries from Peru and Argentina. The best thing about her trove though, is that it’s full of local activities for those who thrive on off-the-beaten-path experiences.


Polina is an avid traveler. In fact, that may even be an under-exaggeration. She’s stepped foot in more than 25 countries. Among them are Chile, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, and Ecuador. Expertise is clearly something she has in abundance.
dare2go has been on the road from Alaska to Patagonia. But no, they are not flying from North to South–they are driving. Follow these intrepid Trovers to see South America from the road, literally.
Polly is an artist, teacher, and traveler from Brooklyn who loves posting her discoveries from Brazil and Argentina. Her trove will give you ideas about where to eat, what exotic animals you may encounter, and the creative street art you can appreciate in South America.
Rachel hails from the Great North–British Columbia, Canada. That hasn’t stopped her from trekking all the way down to South America to experience traveling on a very different terrain. Her trove features discoveries from Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Brazil. Funnily enough, she has more discoveries from South America than she does North America!
A Chilean-Canadian who now resides in Toronto, Miguel posts discoveries from all along the skinny land mass that is Chile. From Easter Island to the Torres del Paine, he can help you plan that dream trip to Chile.