6 Solo Female Travelers You Want to Be When You Grow Up

Many folks dream about “throwing the bowlines” and casting off from the workaday world, in pursuit of a life of never-ending travel.

For most of us, it doesn’t go further than that. We give in to the lure of dependable income, hot running water, and easy access to Starbucks. The dream of eternal travel gets postponed.

But a few bold folks decide postponing dreams is unacceptable. They find a way, and live the life of their dreams.

Here are a few women who are making their travel dreams come true. They live the life of adventure, meeting every day on their own terms.

Stoke the fire of your own travel dreams with these six bold solo travelers:



Anna of Global-Gallivanting grew up in a quiet English town and craved more out of life. After university, she hit the road and hasn’t looked back. She seeks out sumptuous beauty in every place she goes: beaches, temples and city centers are her favorite discoveries. She blogs at global-gallivanting.com



This globetrotting lady loves finding a quiet nook to sit and watch the world go by. Her secret weapon for warding off boredom and loneliness on the road? A good book. Read more about Fen’s solo journey in our Spotlight post on her, Insights From a Successful Introverted Traveler.


Gigi Griffis

A digital nomad traversing Europe with her small dog, Gigi shares photos of gorgeous vistas, classic Continental cuisine, charming villages, and dog-friendly locations. She blogs at gigigriffis.com.



Jill of AdventureJ is a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, always seeking the next outdoors adventure. Follow her to explore glaciers, salt flats, lava tubes and snorkel with sharks. She blogs at adventurej.com



Becci the Bohemian-Backpacker started traveling on her 18th birthday, and she hasn’t stopped since. She’s pursuing moments of bliss by traveling slowly – staying with locals, eating street food, couchsurfing, and trying on traditional clothes. Follow her exploits at bohemian-backpacker.com.


Lale Gil

This outgoing, “unrelenting-hugger” DR gal spends time backpacking around the Middle East and the Caribbean in between completing her Master’s in Deaf Education in New York City. She’s a big fan of genuine connections with local folks, splashing in warm waterfalls, and of course doing headstands in every location she goes. She blogs at laleswanderlust.com.