5 Trovers To Follow!

Not sure who you should be following on the trove? Here’s our weekly pick of awesome travelers, explorers, and the like who’ll fill your feed with some great photos, stories, and tips!

1. Michelle Mej

Michelle Mej

From Cebu City in the beautiful country of Philippines, Michelle is a travel enthusiast who is showcasing beautiful, exotic, and interesting scenes that Asia has to offer. Her awesome discoveries ranging from UNESCO sites in Indonesia, to the border between North and South Korea, to fishing location in the Philippines will put Asia on your bucket list (if it isn’t already)!

2. Where in The World is Paradise

Where in the world is paradiseWhere in The World is Paradise aka Maria, is a Sydney-er from Down Under who travels with a mission–to find paradise. Maria’s passion for traveling was ignited when she started her career in the airline industry. Start following her on the trove today for some travel inspiration!

3. Where Adventures Be

Where Adventures Be

Where Adventures Be is a world traveler who calls New Zealand home. His trove is filled with local scenes from his tours in Asia – including India, Hong Kong, and mainland China. If you’re the type of explorer who wants to travel deeper and integrate with your surroundings, you definitely need to check out his trove!

Where Adventures Be Collage

4. Hopscotch the Globe

Hopscotch the Globe

Hopscotch the Globe is a tag team consisting of Kristen Sarah and Kiya. This dynamic duo are all about the travel and have proven their dedication and passion for exploring the world through their success website and YouTube channel. We are so excited that they’ve decided to add Trover to that list too. Experienced in the art of being itinerate, Hopscotch the Globe is clearly someone you should be following on the trove.

Hopscotch the Globe

5. Caroline in the City

Caroline in the City

Caroline is a freelance writer and travel blogger from Atlanta, Georgia who has let her wanderlust take her to many corners of the globe. She’s taken herself on journeys to Australia, Turkey, and Cambodia just to name 3 places, but she is also sharing the local gems that surround her in the South (of the U.S.A.) Find her on Trover today and get that well-rounded travel experience!

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