5 Surfing Locations in Costa Rica

In some places, January means snow and skiing. In others, it’s surf’s up!

One of those sunny places is Costa Rica.

A beautiful, Central American coastal country, Costa Rica is ideal for surfers in many ways. There are a ton of amazing beaches and surf academies (like Pura Vida Adventures and Women’s Surf Adventures), and, best of all, you usually don’t have to fight for a spot on the beach.

To narrow down the many options for you, here are 5 crushing locations in Costa Rica where you can take on some waves:

1. Tamarindo


Trover photo by Linda Lee

Some call it Costa Rica’s most popular beach and it’s no wonder why! Besides being an awesome place to surf, Tamarindo is also filled with great restaurants, bars, and nightlife that’ll keep you busy all day.

2. Sámara Beach


Trover photo by Heather Schreppel

Known for being one of the prettiest and safest beaches, Sámara will let you surf in splendor! It also gives off a relaxing vibe so if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and surf in peace, Sámara is definitely for you!

3. Playa Hermosa


Trover photo by KaiG

Translated to English as “beautiful beach,” the Playa Hermosa is a Costa Rican gem you won’t want to miss. Situated between two mountains, this beach is incredibly scenic and offer calmer waters for those who want to swim and surf.

4. Playa Espadilla


Trover photo by Miriam Marcus

Playa Espadilla is one of three beaches in Manuel Antonio National Park. Right at the entrance, this beach is sometimes called “First Beach,” and is a great place for beginners to start surfing!

5. Malpaís

Trover photo by PolloPass

If you’re looking for a beach with consistent swells all-year round and not too many tourists to get in your way, Malpaís is that beach! There are a ton of great spots to catch a waves along the Malpaís coast–what are you waiting for?

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