5 Places to See Midnight Sun this Summer

Want more sun in your life? It may seem counter-intuitive, but to see the most sun this summer, head as close to the North Pole as you can get!

The “Midnight Sun” is a natural phenomenon that occurs near the Arctic Circle in the summer months, when the tilt of the Earth places the Arctic Circle within reach of the sun’s light for the planet’s entire 24-hour rotation. Depending on how far north you go, the sun can stay up without setting for more than four months!

If you want to experience this strange and beautiful phenomenon, check out these 5 places this summer:

1. Norway

Trover photo by Travel-Ling

Trover photo by Travel-Ling


2. Finland

Trover photo by Hecktic Travels


Trover photo by Jaana Nystrom

3. Alaska

Trover photo by Carol Bock

Trover photo by Kathryn Reichert

4. Svalbard

Trover photo by Sophie’s World

Trover photo by Anudath Brahmadathan

5. Iceland

Trover photo by Bzbngme

Trover photo by David Norman

Want more Midnight Sun in your life? Check out the full list here and don’t forget to share your own Midnight Sun photos on Trover this summer!