5 Intrepid and Inspiring Warrior Women

For some, living life to the fullest involves memorable adventures, thrilling escapades, daring encounters, and impressive challenges. They live for the experiences that get the heart pumping and awaken the senses.

Today, we present to you 5 intrepid, daring women who embody adventure – and inspire us to make our own crazy dreams come true.

1. Bernini

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Bernini, aka Bernice, is from Santa Monica, California and loves to hike. When we say ‘hike’ though, we don’t mean your walk-in-the-park kind of hike. We mean the intense, mountain-top, icy-ground, fourteeners kind of hike.

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Bernice has basically climbed every mountain in California from Mt Tallac (9,735 ft) to Mt Shasta (14,179 ft) and has lived to tell the tale. But if we limited our commentary of Bernice’s adventures just to those in America, we would be absolutely selling her short.

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Some of her travel stories include wandering along a sand mountain in China, hiking through the Cappadocia region of Turkey on a stormy day…

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…taking a giant leap into the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and free-diving at a turtle beach in Malaysia.

Suffice to say, Bernice is a very awesome human being indeed.

2. Syd Schulz

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Syd is originally from Ohio but now lives on the road full-time. She’s either in her boyfriend’s teeny Chevy Aveo, in their team sprinter van, or in their 1994 Toyota Corolla in New Zealand. Yes, that’s where she spends the “winter.”

In her words: “I like my homes to have wheels.

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So, how does Syd spend her time while on the road? Well for starters, the fact that she races Enduro mountain bikes professionally helps her to explore and challenge herself every single day.

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She’s biked through some incredible regions in Chile, scenic locations in New Zealand, Snowmass Mountain in Colorado, and we’re sure many other places in the world.

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She’s also done the famous Machu Picchu hike (and met the friendly llamas along the way) and is down for camping and picturesque road trips.

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Connect with Syd on Trover, Instagram, and her blog!

3. RebeccasRoutes

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Rebecca is an adrenaline hound who’s about to embark on the scariest of all adventures: packing her bags and moving far from home. First stop – Indonesia in August 2015.

Hailing from the southern state of Florida, Rebecca has not only traveled to some awesome corners of the world but has done some extremely cool activities while traveling.

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Before we talk about her international escapades though, we’ll tell you about the thrilling things she’s done within her home country. In Florida, she has hang-glided from 4,500 ft; gone rafting down the Chattooga River and dunebuggied (is that a word?) through the sands of Vegas in Nevada.

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On the international side of things, Rebecca has climbed in the Sydney Harbor Bridge, snorkeled in Fiji, and ziplined between banana trees and gibbon monkeys in Thailand.

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Yeah, we think she’s pretty cool. Connect with her on Trover and her blog!

4. Emma-Lisa Pettersson

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Emma is a bad-ass gal from Sweden who loves the outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, snowboarding, ziplining, snorkeling or skydiving, she’s game.

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Many of her escapades have taken place in Hawaii where she has done some incredible hikes and snorkeled in Oahu, ziplined in Maui, and caught some waves in Honolulu, just to name a few things.

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The best thing about Emma is that she’s always having a great time while experiencing the adrenaline rush–she’s always smiling, even while free-falling.

We’re not sure how she does it, but we think it’s something quite special!

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Follow Emma-Lisa on Trover to read about all of the adventures she’s had – and stay tuned for those to come!

5. Angela Travels

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Angela is a small-town girl from Seattle, Washington who loves traveling and the great outdoors. It makes total sense for this outdoors fanatic to live in the Pacific North West–she’s surrounded by stunning mountain peaks and gorgeous water bodies from left to right.

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Angela hasn’t limited herself to only exploring the beauty of the PNW though. She’s also done some incredible hikes all over the world.

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Some of the most gorgeous ones were through Lord of the Rings territory (aka New Zealand), the stunning Torres National Park in Chile, and some desolately beautiful locations in Iceland.

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Angela’s travels are indeed impressive and we feel lucky to be apart of her wild adventures! You can be too–just find her on Trover and check out her blog!

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