15 Reasons Boracay Island has the Hottest Beaches

Boracay Island is a tiny island about 200 miles south of Manila, but what this tranquil vacation destination lacks in size it makes up for with jaw-dropping beaches. Between sailing, cliff jumping, sand castle-making, diving, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, and sunset-viewing, you’ll have no shortage of things to do on Boracay Island’s beautiful beaches.

Here are 15 reasons we think this island’s beaches are some of the hottest in the world:

1. Screensaver-perfect white sand on Puka Beach

BI1Trover photo by The Lost Londoner

2. Sea caves

BI2Trover photo by Jello_

 3. Sailing

BI3Trover photo by Shawn Ng

 4. Sand castles

BI4Trover photo by Sheena Bustamante

 5. Romantic sunsets

BI5Trover photo by Shem Maslog

 6. Parasailing

BI6Trover photo by Travel Never End with ISH

 7. $3 fresh fruit smoothies

BI7Trover photo by Cyril Yarisantos

 8. Cliff jumping

BI8Trover photo by Just One Way Ticket

 9. No seriously, CLIFF jumping

BI9Trover photo by dyelynramos

 10. Beach monkeys!

BI10Trover photo by Precious Kim

 11. Thatched-roof huts at Crystal Cove

BI11Trover photo by Alexis Lee

 12. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Bi12Trover photo by B. Wise

 13. Beautiful flowers

BI13Trover photo by Leith Xu

 14. Did we mention amazing sunsets?

BI14Trover photo by Mae Matias

 15. No, but really. Like #ermahgerd AMAZING sunsets!

BI15Trover photo by the explorer

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