14 Wild Finds: Animals of the World

If you’re a dog person, a cat person, or more of a crocodile person, there’s no denying our fascination with beautiful (and occasionally hair-raising) species scattered around our planet. Whether you’re embarking on a safari adventure or happen upon something crawling in your hotel bathroom, part of the fun of traveling lies in the animals you see along the way.

Celebrate the diverse critters around the world with 14 of our favorite wildlife finds. Beware: with a few of these creatures, this may be as close to them as you’d like to get.

1. Oryxes in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2. Gorillas in Ruhija Gorilla Trekking Camp in Rubanda, Uganda

3. Sea Turtles in Norman Reef in Smithfield, Australia

4. Kangaroos in Mckinlay Shire Council in Julia Creek, Australia

5. Monarch migration in San Luis Obispo, California

6. Alligators in Everglades National Park, Florida

Photo by Joseph Holland

7. Leopards in Yala National Park Information Centre, Sri Lanka

Photo by Neil Peel

8. Great White Sharks in Van Dyks Bay, South Africa

9. Lemurs in Nahampoana Reserve in Toliara, Madagascar

10. Short Eared Owls in Cossington Meadows in Sileby, England

Photo by Mike Belson

11. Elephants in Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo by Hecktic Travels

12. Seals in the Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada

Photo by AdventureJ

13. Grizzly Bears in Anan Creek Wildlife Viewing Site in Alaska

Photo by X

14. Red Eye Tree Frogs in Granada, Nicaragua

Photo by Matthew Karsten

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