12 “Perflect” Reasons to Visit Canada

Canada is an ever-enduring destination for travelers, adventure seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts. From modern cities to charming small towns, to incredible natural wonders, Canada has no shortage of enticing places to explore. In case you need a little nudge to book your trip to this beautiful country, here is our list of twelve perfect reflections a.k.a “perflections” in the Canadian mountains that will take your breath away.

1. Two Jack Lake

Trover photo by Gerrit Ebert.

2. Wedge Pond

Trover photo by Chasing Adventure.

3. The Three Sisters

Trover photo by Jeff Bartlett.

4. Lake Louise

Trover photo by The Planet D.

5. Bow Lake

Trover photo by chickbill.

6. Vermilion Lakes

Trover photo by William Patino.

7. Emerald Lake 

8. Spirit Island 

Trover photo by Mikki Kuipers.

9. Maligne Lake

Trover photo by Jonas Vesterlund.

10. Moraine Lake

Trover photo by Donny Campos.

11. Patricia Lake

Trover photo by Leo Li.

12. Kinney Lake

Trover photo by Nolan Frazier.

If you’ve found yourself reflecting on the picture-perfect finds you’ve encountered on your own travels, be sure to share them on Trover. Or if you’re looking to learn more about Canada’s majestic natural wonders, check out our Top Attractions.