12 Best Museums in London

With over 27 million visitors a year, London is one of the world’s oldest and most cosmopolitan cites. How lucky for Trovers that there are so many wonderful and free museums where travelers can spend many a rainy London afternoon. From the V &A Museum with its incredible collections focused on decorative arts and design to the Royal Observatory located down the River Thames in Greenwich, London has one of the finest collections of museums in the world. Here are our top picks for London’s greatest museums:

1. Museum of Natural History

Natural History

Photo by Fabiola Mazzocco.


2. Victoria and Albert Museum


Photo by Obelie


3. Science Museum

Science Museum

Photo by Phil Ostroff.


4. British Museum

British Museum

Photo by David Bjorgen.


5. Soanes Museum

Soanes Museum

Photo by Jade.


6. National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum

Photo by Darryl Ellson.


7. Royal Observatory


Photo by Darryl Ellson.


8. Tower of London


Photo by Angela Saran.


9. The Globe Theater


Photo by Sandra Ruehlow.


10.Tate Museum of Modern Art


Photo by Travel Freedom Network.


11. Museum of London


Photo by Darryl Ellson.


12. Imperial War Museum

Photo by Jos? Mendoza Rivera.

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