Top 10 International Street Art Cities

In the mood for a cross-continental trip to discover your favorite street art city?

We’ve put together a guide for street art around the world to help you do just that! Mind you, this guide is by real travelers just like you.

Here are 10 Cities with Incredible Street Art that will make you want to travel:

1. Melbourne, Australia

Check out Hosier Lane in Melbourne                                                                    Photo by: Adventurous Kate

“Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia with art oozing out of its pores. Just walk the many alleyways and be shocked by the amount of incredible street art. It’s constantly changing with layers and layers of spray paint on every surface – walls, dumpsters, pipes, windows, the street below. The best ally is Hosier Lane, but also explore Union Lane, ACDC Lane, Degrave Street and Croft Alley in Chinatown” – Kristin Rust


2. Bethlehem, Palestine/Israel

The separation wall between Israel and Palestine is a place for artists to express their feelings.               Photo by: Teesa Travels

“A decade in the making, the Israeli West Bank barrier is a “security and separation barrier,” between Israel and Palestine. When it is complete, the wall’s total length will be approximately 700 kilometres (430 mi).” – Chasing Amber


3. Sao Paulo, Brazil

An open air art gallery in Sao Paulo                                                                     Photo by: Emanuel Santanna

“An open air art gallery. It is easy definition for Rua Gonçalo Afonso, Batman’s Alley, a small alley that serves as a transit alternative to the Street Louis Murat, the slope at the rear of St. Paul Cemetery. With walls entirely dedicated to graphite, its history goes back to the 80s, when a drawing of the man-bat came in the corner of the neighborhood.”- Emanuel Santanna


4. Lisbon, Portugal

Street art in Central Lisbon                                                                                               Photo by: Hipermovil

“Walking the streets of Lisboa, near Calçada da Glória, we stumbled upon this amazing street art. Each tattoo is a cultural symbol of Portuguese heritage/pride.”- Crystal


5. Manchester, England

Tyrion Lannister as painted by Akse, a French graffiti artist in Manchester      Photo by: Tom Page

“Tyrion Lannister as painted by Akse, a French graffiti artist who has also done a few of the characters from Breaking Bad, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Part of the artists Psychopath Project, made up of painted headshots of his favourite actors/directors. They can be seen around cities in North West England.” – Tom Page


 6. Berlin, Germany

Street art at Tacheles, Berlin                                                                          Photo by: Chi Ken

“Berlin is known for being an “alternative” city abound with street art and outdoor galleries like the East Side Gallery, an international memorial for freedom, portrayed on a 1.3km stretch of the former Berlin Wall.”- Chasing Amber


7. Los Angeles, California

Visit LA’s vibrant Art District                                                                                           Photo by:Kristin Rust

“LA’s Art District is full of fantastic street art. This gem on 4th & Merrick was done by Fin DAC and Dtoar. Gorgeous.” – Kristin Rust


8. Dublin, Ireland

Street art at Smithfield Square, Dublin                                                                   Photo by: The Roaming Bean

This is a fantastic, colorful piece of street art at the end of Smithfield Square, which really pops in the dark, gloomy Dublin weather. – The Roaming Bean


9. London, UK

Street art at Graffiti tunnel, London                                                             Photo by: Chris Pearson

The authorised graffiti tunnel next to Waterloo station is always full of new artistic finds – be it fun or political in nature. It’s also a great spot to watch some street artists in action! – Becki Enright


10. New York City, USA

Mural at Most Precious Blood Church                                                                              Photo by: Travel Addicts

The LISA project (Little Italy Street Art) has sponsored the creation of murals like this one, Liberty, by Tristan Eaton all over Little Italy. Always make sure to look up as you walk around the city! –Travel Addicts