And the #LoveMyTown Winner is…

Congratulations to Valentina Vitols, our lucky winner for the #LoveMyTown photo sweepstakes!

Her lovely golden hour Seattle skyline has won her a $1500 Expedia travel voucher.

Congratulations, Valentina!


Valentina Vitols’ winning entry for the #LoveMyTown photo sweepstakes. 

Stay tuned for more adventurous opportunities. Trove on!

Share Local Gems in the #LoveMyTown Photo Sweepstakes!

You know your town – perhaps better than anyone. Celebrate what makes it special with the new Trover #LoveMyTown Photo Sweepstakes!

We’re seeking the best local bars, lemonade stands, sculpture parks, fresh markets and rainy-day spots from across the globe.


Upload your best #LoveMyTown travel photos, like this one by Sophia Field, and you’ll be entered to win the $1500 Expedia travel voucher.

How to Enter the #LoveMyTown Travel Photos Sweepstakes:

1) By September 6th, upload an original photo of a superb destination, experience or object in your town.

2) Write a couple of lines about your discovery. This could be details about the place and its history, tips on how to find it or what to do there, or any interesting facts or stories you gathered about your discovery.

3) Include “#LoveMyTown” in the details field.

4) Post your discovery to or  iOS or Android. Et voila! You’re entered to win the $1500 Expedia voucher!

This is a Sweepstakes. The more eligible photos you upload, the higher your chance of winning!

Sweepstakes ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on September 6, 2016.

This sweepstakes is only open to NEW Trover photos. Add yours between Aug 16 and Sept 6 to be considered!

Read sweepstakes terms and conditions, Expedia voucher terms and conditions (US) and Expedia voucher terms and conditions (UK).

Questions? Talk to us at

Prepare for Take Off…Trover is now part of the Expedia family!


Hi Trovers,

We are thrilled to announce that Trover has been acquired by Expedia. We are the newest member in their family of travel’s most well-known brands including names like,, trivago and HomeAway. Expedia’s mission is to “revolutionize travel through technology,” and they believe Trover’s beautiful content and social experience is a great fit with this mission. We can’t imagine higher recognition for our community. Congrats to all of us!

With over 450 million visitors across its brand websites every month, Expedia can dramatically increase the reach of Trover. This means your photos will have a much larger impact. Hopefully, many new visitors will see and be inspired by your travels. We’re also betting that some of these visitors will join our community, adding new voices, relationships, and killer images that fuel our passion for adventure.

We expect the Trover experience will get a boost from Expedia, too. We’ll have a strong partner as we continue to build Trover and explore new ways to turn travel dreams into action.

Thank you Trovers! Your curiosity and talent have driven our little team for the past five years. We’re over-the-moon excited for the next leg of our journey together. Any questions? Reach us at

Buckle up!

Jason & the Trover Team


Photo of La Casa del Arbol by Chelsea Jennings

Winners for #BestOf5 Birthday Sweepstakes

Congratulations to our THREE #BestOf5 winners! We are proud to announce the sweepstakes winners for our 5th Birthday #BestOf5 Photo Contest: Sharrie Shaw, Jason Zite and rabbit.Hole!

See all of the tremendous personal best photos tagged to the #BestOf5 sweepstakes.


Paradise Bay in Antarctica – photo by Sharrie Shaw.


Waves at the Wedge – photo by Jason Zite.


Guide through the Semien Mountains in Ethiopia posing on the edge – photo by rabbit.Hole. 

Congrats to each of you for being a phenomenal photographer, and thank you for sharing your wonderful adventures on Trover! Check your email for details on your $500 prizes.

5 Years of Troving! Tag your #BestOf5 for the Celebration!

Lantern celebration photo by Drew Hopper

Tag a few favorite photos from your profile with #BestOf5 and you could win $500. Photo by Drew Hopper.

Trover is five years old this summer! We’re celebrating with a special #BestOf5 photo collection & contest that highlights 5 years of top troving. Join the party by adding a few favorite photos from your profile. You can win some $$ for travel too!

To enter, look through your own Trover photos and tag a few #BestOf5 photos.

It’s been a wild virtual adventure watching the Trover map fill up over the past 5 years. As a community, trovers have crossed 192 countries and shared over 500,000 awesome places. And every day we see more great finds, stunning photos, and juicy stories flowing through our Seattle HQ. We still pinch ourselves at how cool it all is.

Thank you for allowing us to come along for the ride. Your talent, curiosity, and enthusiasm inspire us every day. We’re bolder, braver, and more adventurous than we were – thanks to you.

Tag Your #BestOf5 Trover Photos

This is a sweepstakes contest – no judges.  We’re just hoping you look back through your Trover collection, relish in the awesome places you’ve been, and tag a few of your favorites for all of us to enjoy.

How to Enter the #BestOf5 Travel Photo Contest

1) By July 4, tag up to 5 of your Trover photos with #BestOf5.   

2) Voila! You’re in the running for one of three $500 prizes!

Want more details on how to win a Trover sweepstakes? Check out How to Enter a Trover Contest.

Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on July 4, 2016.

Read complete rules and eligibility.

Questions? Talk to us at