6 South America Experts You Need to Follow on Trover

South America: a continent known for its exotic animals, its welcoming people, and the plethora of diverse cultures it plays host to.


A llama overlooks the Inca Trail in Peru. Photo by Alexandra Baackes

Have you lived in South America? Have you studied abroad there? Do you want to attend Carnaval there one day? Is seeing a Peruvian llama on your bucket list?

Whether you’re a local expert or are dreaming of a getaway there someday, here are 6 Trovers who’ll show you the best of this continent.

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10 New Trovers You Should Be Following

This week, some fantastic new Trovers have appeared and we want to make sure you know who they are!

Here are new notable Trovers you should follow:

1. Seven Continents Sasha


Sasha is an Aussie currently living in the UK. At the ripe age of 23, she’s already traveled the 7 continents of the world quite extensively. Stayed tuned as she continues to share her past adventures and her inevitable adventures in the future.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Istanbul


Looking toward the Blue Mosque from the Galata Bridge. Photo by Travelationship

Istanbul. Ancient and modern structures live side by side in this city, and the streets overflow with cultures, cuisines and languages. There is more to see, do and taste in Istanbul than anyone could accomplish in one lifetime. Luckily, we’ve got the official list – The Best Things to Do in Istanbul.

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Hawai’i: A Local’s Perspective


This post is guest written by Leslie Schipper

When I tell Seattleites I moved here from Hawai’i, my statement is met with a variety of questions and facial expressions.

  • “Did you grow up there?”
  • “Why did you move here?”
  • “Did you hang out at the beach and surf every day?”

No, I didn’t grow up there – just fell in love with it, and lived there long enough to call it home.

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5 Christmas Destinations Worth Traveling To

The sleigh bells may not be ringing for another 3 months, but a memorable, fun-filled Christmas vacation takes some planning. Whether you want to experience the holiday season in the snow or sun, there are beautiful places in the world that will more than satisfy.

Here’s our list of 5 Christmas Destinations around the world worth packing up your bags for:

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