Congrats to #TroverDetour Winner Kristin Repsher!

Sunset on Cylinder Beach, Point Lookout, QL

Sunset at Cylinder Beach, Point Lookout, QL – photo by Kristin Repsher

Congratulations to Kristin Repsher! Her gorgeous capture of a Point Lookout, QL sunset won the heart of our #TroverDetour judge Laurence.

Kristin will take home $500 travel bucks for future adventures.

Congrats as well to our first and second runners-up: Globetrotting Girl and Intrepidor! They’ll take home $250 and $100 travel bucks, respectively.


While driving on Route 2, one of the oldest scenic routes in the country, I decided to follow the signs to the falls…”
Shelburne Falls, MA – photo by Globetrotting Girl

Lillooet Lake lodge, BC

“We were en route to Kamloops when a weather-beaten sign for lakeside cabins caught our eye…”
Lillooet Lake Lodge, BC – photo by Intrepidor

Thank you all so much for sharing your detour discoveries with us. We hope you all enjoyed seeing them as much as we did.

And thanks to our wonderful judge, Laurence Norah! Check out his blog, Finding the Universe, for more worldwide adventures.

Happy Troving!

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We’d like to make a confession: we can’t stay in one place.We’re always moving – seeking another adventure, another sublime destination.

We like to think that’s a good thing.

We’ve traveled across Europe and Mongolia with The Planet D. Swayed with the summertime tunes of happy road musicians Bellow.Wing.Strangely. Pursued gorgeous vegan delicacies with Kate Stella.

Everywhere, we’re looking for new and wonderful ways to see the world. And today, we’re proud to unveil a completely fresh way to do just that.

Announcing our all-new iPad experience. It’s made for slick browsing and effortless exploration across our world of content. It’s like a glossy travel magazine, filled with any destination you desire.

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Just a small warning… be prepared to get lost. These gorgeous photos and stories can be addicting.

Happy travels!


Rally With The People Behind The Planet D

Dave and Deb take on the Mongol Rally as a one couple in car traveling from England to Mongolia

On a recent warm July day, Dave and Deb left London for a summer road trip.

But their intended journey wasn’t a charming coastline dawdle. No, they were racing against time and fellow drivers on a 10,000-mile epic journey, from England all the way to Mongolia.

This high-speed madcap adventure has become infamous among travelers and adventure junkies alike. It is known as the Mongol Rally.

Ten thousand miles, across seas and deserts and mountains. What could go wrong?

As it turns out, everything.

#MongolRally: Explore the Route – a photo list by Varsha b

Firstly, the roads. The ridiculous tar roads of Kazakhstan had buckled from the intense July heat. Dave and Deb were forced to drive on knife’s-edge grooves in the road just to keep from bottoming out.

Then, corrupt officials found ways of further delaying the pair. Demanding bribes for passage, they had to fork over cash for an “uninsured vehicle permit” before being permitted to drive on.

From there, their race continued eastward as the roads dwindled into non-existence, swallowed up by the vast Gobi Desert. In fact, this was a good sign – it meant they had finally reached Mongolia!

After weeks of getting lost, waylaid, scammed and generally surviving on their wits alone, Dave and Deb rolled into Ulaanbaatar right before the Mongol Rally finishers’ party. Huzzah!

Read their complete Mongol Rally story on their blog.

Are you already dreaming about your next adventure? Whether it’s blazing a trail across Mongolia or just across town to that new BBQ joint, you can start collecting your inspiration on Trover.

Every photo you collect in a Trover List is geotagged with its exact location, so you can see what’s nearby and get more ideas for brand-new discoveries.

Don’t have a bucket list yet? The Planet D has a cheat sheet for their favorites around the world. Jump in!

Things to do Before you Die – a photo list by The Planet D

Trover Spotlight: Corvid Drifter Shares Music From The Road

Music speaks across cultures and languages. It magnetizes us, drawing us in. One amazing concert can transfix tens of thousands people, taking them on a wonderful shared adventure.

And there’s no question that the summertime is the best time to take a roadtrip in pursuit of the best live concerts, bands and performers. The balmy air draws concertgoer and musician alike to the open road, in pursuit of those shared tunes that keep us dancing all hot summer night.

But don’t ask us. Take it directly from Carrie Crockett, a.k.a.Corvid Drifter.

Carrie plays accordion and sings with her Bellingham band, Bellow.Wing.Strangely. And summer was the perfect time for them to indulge in a musical bucket list road trip down the American West Coast.

The only catch? She didn’t do this iconic trip in a vehicle. She and her bandmates did it on bikes.

Transfixed by this unbelievable accomplishment unfolding on Trover, we chased her down and insisted that she tell us how she made this musical adventure happen.

Bellow.Wing.Strangely’s Musical West-Coast Bicycle Tour! – a photo list by Corvid Drifter

Turns out, the reason for the musical bike trip was a simple one: it meant the band could travel more slowly, appreciate their surroundings more deeply, and bring this newfound awareness to their nightly music performances.

Carrie is a musician, mom and wanderer. She likes to explore the world around her in search of the beauty everywhere, whether it’s in an extraordinary or perfectly ordinary place.

And although it feeds into her songs, Carrie says that “…beyond music, my entire being motivates me to explore – to be present enough to see beauty in the mundane, or notice the oddness of socially normal things. Small daily discoveries are what it’s about.”

She’s actually gotten it down to a science: she scopes out new places with the mindset of seeking experiences, not famous landmarks or expensive destinations. (Besides, most of the best experiences are free anyway!)

And that’s what brought her to Trover, that sense of adventure being accessible to anyone at any time.

“Part of what I really like about Trover is that these are just everyday people sharing their discoveries. Somehow that makes all of those beautiful places seem more achievable. Like they could be real destinations, instead of elite dream locations.”

Aw shucks, Carrie. Are we blushing yet?

Follow Carrie’s ongoing adventures on Trover, or on her blog at

Personal Stories From Traveling Families

Travel: it’s not just for grown-ups! Trovers like Tikva of Gezin op Reis and Caz and Craig of yTravelBlog are proving that big adventures are really for the whole family.

And their adventures aren’t simple visits toa giant mouse named Mickey, either. These parents have packed up their kids for months-long global adventures to provide a lifetime of incredible memories.

Tikva and her husband write the Gezin op Reis (“Traveling Family”) blog, where they share the ongoing adventure of exploring the globe with a one-year-old. And thus far, Tikva says, it’s been an incredible experience.

Bangkok with Kids (Gezin op Reis)

Bangkok with Kids – a photo list by Gezin op Reis

The Gezin Op Reis family has visited over 60 countries and counting, including many that the rest of us just dream about: Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Iceland, and so many more.

As they travel, their infant daughter is growing up in a world rich with flavors, colors and cultures. She’s played with children who speak a different language and discovered scrumptious baby bananas in Asia.  

For others who want to keep traveling after children are born, Tikva has some sound advice: “If you want to travel with a young child like us, you will have to accept that things will never go as you plan. So come prepared with enough food, diapers and toys to keep the baby happy and just enjoy your trip.”

Another family exploring the world with little ones is the Makepeace family. Caz and Craig co-write yTravelBlog, and are on a journey to “get to know Mama Nature on a deeper level.” They are a family of four from a small Australian town called Woy Woy, an hour north of Sydney.

Caz and Craig are both self-admitted travel junkies who travel with their two daughters in pursuit of sports, music and festivals. Together, they love discovering more and more about this beautiful planet we live on. Their girls have seen firsthand how other cultures live, and learned that despite surface differences, people everywhere have so much in common.

Currently, the Makepeaces can be found on an epic road trip across AustraliaAustralia Bucket List – a photo list by Caz and Craig @yTravelBlog

While the road trip is a bucket list adventure for sure, it’s also a strategic decision. Caz shares some wisdom:

“We think road trips are the best way to experience family travel, especially if your children are young. This helps them have a little bit of stability and a sense of “home.” It’s a great way to reduce your costs as well because you can carry more things like cooking utensils and camping gear.”

Like most parents, Caz has her fears – she occasionally wakes up in a cold sweat terrified about crocodiles. We asked Caz how she keeps her sanity while traveling with the family (especially to croc-filled tropical paradises):

“You have to be super flexible and open to change. You must travel slowly and involve your kids in the process as much as possible. We always ask for their input on things to see and do, and we talk about our next destination some time before we get there. We find this really helps them prepare for what lies ahead and gets them excited.”

Keep up with the stories of GezinOpReis and Caz and Craig @yTravelBlog by following them on Trover! Also, don’t miss great tips from Caz and Craig’s on their U.S., Asia, and New Zealand lists.