10 Things To Do in Phoenix

Trover photo by  Rick Biertempfel

Trover photo by Rick Biertempfel

Maybe you’re traveling to Phoenix for a special event this weekend, maybe you’re a local who needs to be inspired to explore, maybe you’re planning a new, exciting trip for the future.

Whatever your motive is for visiting “The Valley of the Sun,” we’ve got some cool suggestions of places you should hit up!

Here’s our list of 10 things you shouldn’t skip if you happen to find yourself in Phoenix:

1. Heard Museum

Trover photo by Beth Hughes

Trover photo by Beth Hughes

Heard Museum was established in 1929 and has an awesome vision–to accurately and sensitively portray U.S. Native arts and cultures. Known for its award-winning exhibits and its dedication to telling the stories of American Indians, this museum will give you a special cultural and educational experience you won’t get in many other places.

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8 Secret Places in Asia to Visit

There are some places in the world everyone and their mum want to go to–places like the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, the Great Wall of China, and the mountains of Mordor (New Zealand).

Then you have the places in the world that fewer have heard of but that are still equally awesome!

Here are our pick of 8 hidden gems of Asia we thought you’d like to know about:

1. Underground River in Puerto Princesa, the Philippines

Trover photo by  Lynneth Omandac

Trover photo by Lynneth Omandac

Located in the National Park of the same name, the Puerto Princesa Underground River is what some say is the longest navigable underground river in the world! This natural wonder also has a second floor to it, which explains why you can find mini waterfalls inside the cave. Continue reading

Follow Friday on Trover!

It’s the end of the third week of the year and we have our third round of awesome Trovers to recommend to you for 2015!

Meet 6 Trovers you should be following this week:

1. George Penz 

George Penz

Currently based in New York, George is a very much a passionate globetrotter. This wandering travel enthusiast has been sharing gorgeous shots from Egypt and Jordan, all the way over to Hungary and Norway. Check out George’s trove today and glean the travel knowledge he has accumulated!



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Closes Tuesday! Beach Photo Contest


Show us a fantastic beach photo, like this one by Don’t Forget to Move, and you could win $1500

Closes Tuesday – enter now for a chance to win! 

Beaches are the best. Warm and sunny, with a salty breeze blowing, they’re the headquarters of relaxation and indulgence.

This January, join us in celebrating the simple indulgent pleasures of the beach. Share your best beach photo(s) for a chance to win $1500.

It’s easy to enter:

1) Upload an original beach photo to Trover.

2) Write “#beach” in the details field. (Feel free to include tips and stories here too.)

3) You’re entered to win $1500!

4) Rinse and repeat.

This contest is a sweepstakes. The more beach photos you upload, the better your chances of winning. Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on January 27.

Already posted your beach photos to Trover? That’s great! Just write “#beach” on each, and they’re entered for the contest.

Read complete rules and eligibility.

Questions? Talk to us at feedback@trover.com.

8 Amazing Things to See in Arizona

Arizona is the 6th largest state in the U.S. and is brimming with amazing things to behold and incredible experiences to keep you coming back for more.

Here are just 8 of many must-sees in the Grand Canyon state:

1. Havasu Falls


Trover photo by Luxe Adventure Traveler

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