5 Best Things to Do in Maui

Maui, Hawaii. Possibly the most iconic tropical getaway on the planet.

Whether your idea of paradise is relaxing on warm sands, surfing tropical waves, gobbling down fresh seafood, or just watching a sunset in pure relaxation… Maui is the place to be.

Infinity Pool in Wailea Marriott, Maui, Hawaii

Sunset in Maui

Here is are the 5 best things to do in Maui:

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Ends Tuesday! Restaurant Photo Contest


Show us your best restaurant photo and you could win $1500.

Contest ends Tuesday! Enter now >>

It’s holiday season. The time to indulge in delicious foods!

We love food. We dream about it. Some of us even plan entire trips just to visit one incredible restaurant.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the topic of our new contest: Best Restaurant Photos.

Make the Trover team drool, win $1500!

To enter the contest:

1. Share a food or restaurant photo on Trover

2. Write #restaurant as a comment on that photo


  • Multiple entries are fine!
  • Old photos are fine – doesn’t have to be newly uploaded
  • No scraping: you must own any photo you upload to Trover
  • Contest closes on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at midnight PST. We’ll announce the winner soon after that.

Your judges are Trover team foodies Julia, Mark and Jason. We’re looking for gorgeous photos and useful details.

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See official contest rules for full details.

5 People to Follow on Trover

Don’t know who to follow on Trover? We can help you with that.

Every week, we pick just a few of the many people on the trove who are sharing wonderful photos, giving us travel inspiration, and providing us with some useful travel tips from their adventures around the world or in their local area.

Meet this week’s 5 people we think you should be following:

1. Kaori

Photo of Trover user Kaori

A native of Tokyo, Kaori will show you some of the less tourist-y locations in Japan you may want to hit up! She has been sharing photos and fantastically detailed tips from her favorite temples, peaceful weekend getaways, and scenic hikes from all over Japan. Click that follow button on her trove today! Continue reading

8 Best Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle may be famous for its coffee, but its restaurant scene is pushing the limit with stunning local, seasonal, whimsical dishes.

Here’s our list of the 8 top restaurants in Seattle that serve food you’ll want to stare at, and then voraciously chow down.

1. Matt’s in the Market

Visiting Seattle? You’ll probably head to Pike Place Market to see the fish-throwers.

Know what happens to the fish that’s too good to throw around? It goes to Matt’s.

fixedw_large_4x (9)

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15 Destinations To Visit in 2015

The world is a big place. In fact, big is probably an understatement.

You already knew the world is full of gorgeous places. Heck, you’ve got a bucket list as long as your arm! All the classics, right?

Buckle up, globetrotter. Trover is making 2015 the year of the bucket list. And we’re blowing bucket lists up with 15 incredible, unbelievable, worth-the-price-tag destinations you didn’t even know you wanted to visit.

15. Gibraltar (a British enclave between Spain and Morocco). See more in Gibraltar.

Trover photo by <a href="http://www.trover.com/u/travel-loafers2008">Travel Loafers</a>

Trover photo by Travel Loafers

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